JoomPush is a Web PushNotification system for Joomla! Welcome to its demo. We have setup JoomPush on this demo in such a way that you will be able to create your own PushNotifications from backend with ease test it yourself. Please make sure that you click allow on the pop-up that appears when you land on this page. The subscriber list on JoomPush demo will reset every 2 hours so that you won't receive any unwanted test notifications sent from here.

How to see the demo?

  •  You will see the link to login to the Administrator access in the Login module. Once you click that you will be redirected to the Admin area you can Login.
  • Then go to the Components menu and click JoomPush, you will be on the dashboard.
  • Go to the subscriber tab, select all the subscriber and then click the "Push" button 
  • You will a see a pop-up wherein you will have options to send existing messages or create a new one. Then you can then select the best option you feel like and click "Send"
  • Once that is done you will receive a notification on your Desktop only if you had allowed the push notification earlier when you had visited the demo site
  • There are other options where you can create templates for messages and create groups to send notifications to a specific group and more. Feel free to check them out.

Test j2store integration:

  • Login to the backend of the Demo, after login; notification permission pop-will appear, click allow.
  • Put a purchase order from the frontend for the test product (j2store products menu), you will receive notification for New order entry.
  • Confirm the same order from backend using j2store orders menu.
  • Once the order status is changed to confirmed, order confirmed notification will be received.

Still have some questions?

Drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.